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Custom Fabrication

DNL Stainless Fabrications create bespoke commercial and residential stainless steel products.


Custom Conveyors

DNL Stainless Fabrications design a wide range of custom stainless steel conveyors to suit most applications. All of our conveyors can have food grade PVC blue flat belts, elevating belts (with flights), modular plastic belts or rollers as required. DNL conveyors are built to any length and standard widths ranging from 150mm, 300mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm, although any custom width can be supplied.

Most Conveyors are supplied with floor standing legs with Adjust-A-Foot feet for fine tuning when installed on site. DNL conveyors are either driven by motor/gearbox drives or drum roller drives, to suit your application.


Stainless Platforms

Our platforms are custom designed to suit your requirements, including your allocated space. Many of our clients use our machine platforms by mounting weighing machines over vertical form fill seal bagging machines. The platform has stairs and handrails to ensure safe access to the weigher for cleaning and servicing of the equipment.

Full washdown and food grade platforms are a DNL specialty. Custom platforms can have integrated wash bays for safe and damage-free hanging, cleaning and drying of the removeable weigh pans. This prevents your staff needing to carry them up and down the stairs during wash-down. Most Platforms are supplied with floor standing legs with Adjust-A-Foot feet for fine tuning when installed on site.


Bespoke Walkways

Custom walkways are designed to enhance your production lines. They achieve this by giving safe access to your operational staff, and service personal, working on or around the production equipment. Walkways can also link machines together, to give safe access to and around all machines during operation, cleaning or servicing of the line.

Our custom walkways are designed to suit the height and space available around your production equipment, without detracting from the production lines key operational purpose. Most of our walkways are supplied with floor standing legs with Adjust-A-Foot feet for fine tuning when installed on site.


Fabrication Design

DNL Stainless Fabrications utilise both AutoCad 2D and Solidworks 3D latest design software to create, modify, analyse and optimise designs to suit our customers specific requirements. Once the design concepts have been finalised, we create working drawings, assembly drawings and cut files (DXF) which are utilised by the CNC laser cutting machines.


Stainless Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting requirements are taken care of by using the latest CNC laser cutting equipment which is capable of cutting stainless steel up to 16mm thick and aluminium up to 12mm thick with precision, speed and accuracy, for Sheet sizes of up to 3.05mL and 1.52mW.

For less demanding cutting requirements, we offer a hydraulic guillotine with up to 4mm shearing capacity x 2.5m sheet length or band saw options with up to 225 x 180mm RHS capacity, or cold cut saw up to 160mm RHS.


Folding & Bending

We have the latest YSD 165 ton press brake to accurately and efficiently fold a variety of materials and thickness up to 3m in length. We also have manual press brakes, box, pan and straight folders to cover all your bending and folding requirements.


Milling & Turning

For all milling and turning requirements, we have some “old school” lathes and milling machines to suit the manufacture of shafts, rollers etc and producing keyways, slots and flats and for higher volume runs or for more specialised work CNC equipment is used.


Welding Services

We offer TIG, MIG and stick welding solutions for all stainless steel and aluminium welding requirements. Our highly skilled welding team deliver expert welds and with a quality finish every time.


Polishing & Buffing

To further enhance components, marine fittings or decorative work DNL Stainless Fabrications have a range of polishing, buffing, linishing and blasting equipment to achieve the desired surface finish that our customers require.


Component Assembly

For projects that are made up of a number of components, or for handrails or safety guarding etc, the DNL Stainless Fabrications team can assemble, pack, deliver and if needed install the items at your home or work place on request. Packing, delivery and installation charges may apply.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Contact the team at DNL Stainless Fabrications in Auckland to discuss your stainless steel
or aluminium custom fabrication requests, for projects throughout New Zealand and Australia.